China OEM #100 Chain Coupling Sprockets wholesaler

Coupling sprockets are manufactured to ANSI B29 standards but have a smaller outside diameter and use a special tooth profile as shown in the photo below.

This tooth profile allows for the sprockets to seat the chain properly and run inside a coupling cover. It is always recommended to use an aluminum coupling chain cover when running roller chain couplings for safety, performance, and durability reasons. We standardly stock plain-bore, finished bore, and bushed style coupling sprockets.

#100 Chain Coupling Sprockets

This coupling sprocket/ coupling half is manufactured using high-quality steel and features heat-treated hardened teeth for the maximum torque ability, performance, and durability. Additionally it meets all ANSI standards.

  • High Quality Sprocket
  • Has Hardened Teeth
  • Fully Meets ANSI Standards
  • Easy To Install





sprocket Size Bushing Type Tooth Count Hub Diameter (A) Recommended Maximum RPM Weight
10018R 3535 20 6.719″ 1800 19 LBS
10020TLH 3535 20 6.719″ 1800 19 LBS